té - Increasing, if heart and senses agree, all best change it is sly 'in Music

Track List:

1. The human is born as free ones, 1:28
2. Most of the reliance which is 3:39
3. Dream 'the popular name of the 3:35
4. Always, the future which 3:46
5. Any which it is pitiful thing, 3:20
6. The fact that it is censored in 3:34
7. As for poem it is the 2:39
8. As for the person unhappily of 3:40 others it has the sufficient 'strength' which withstands sufficiently.
9. Reason desires fair judgment, 4:31
10. It does not request the round 4:55
11. Singing song, we would like 3:43
12. Of course for a good name for 2:06

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